In the dark
Shadows of light
come on wings
of pain

Needle sharp
The wounds inflicted
the bleeding stops
infection starts

Rays of light
Chase away
the shadow world
for a time

At night
they return
and inflict new wounds
and fresh infection

The infection spreads
and begins to poison
that which is pure
and good

The wounds will be opened
The flesh torn
opened by the cries
cries of triumph

Made clean
washed with the tears
of the pain of countless years
and exposed to the light

Secrets are kept in the dark
Healing is kept in the light
The light of hope and love
screaming to the world

We are the wounded.
Yet we are not out,
we are only down.
We will climb from our holes

From our self inflicted exiles
We will climb to the light
And we win
We will heal and we will be whole.

And our souls will fly
fly free
free of the prison
the prison you called love.

It's easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top.

Arnold Bennet