The children
So hurt and crying
So full of pain...the questions
Why would he do it?
What about me made him....?
Was I......?
Did he choose me because....?

I see their eyes
They question as he holds them down
What will he do to me?
Will it hurt?
Why there, why does he touch me there?
Don't do that!
Oh, please don't do that to me!

But then he does
And leaves the child...alone
If he is lucky
In pain
In shock
Not understanding what was done
But knowing in his soul that it was wrong

Do not console this child
There is no consoling to be done
He'll hide himself away...inside
He cannot feel those things again
He may come back, the awful man with awful eyes
But he will never hurt again the child inside that mind.
That child is gone...alone...protected by his pain
His shame
The fact that now his world is gone.

No sandbox happy childhood his
A numbness
Acting like the rest
But deep inside a lasting sadness
Left there by an awful man

I see you all
You look at me with tear filled eyes
You ask for help
But I have none to give you
I cannot save you all...there are too many
I cannot hug you all...there isn't time
And so, I'll hug the ones I can
And, God I'll cry because their pain is mine
And mine is thiers
We'll sit, we two...I'll let him cry, and hold him tight until he falls asleep
Until perhaps he can feel safe within my arms
A feeling he has never known.
I'll lay him down upon his bed
And then I'll cry again
For real this time, until at last my tears are gone
And I can cry no more.

You take that one who's hurting over there
That will make two
Who might not sleep in pain tonight.
The more of us there are to help
The fewer of the children cry alone

But, oh, the eyes
Please close the eyes
They pierce my soul
And cry out in my heart

You see, I cannot find my child
I know he's there
With all the rest
And maybe with enough of us
Someone will find him sitting there
And pick him up
And hug him tight
And lay me down with loving arms at last to rest.

I'm healing now, and I wasn't sure I would.