Maybe I write about my dad here, he was my hero, daddie was so strong, he knew no fear.

He knew his boy was weak
He knew his boy was strong
He knew
Daddies do

Daddy knew the pain
Daddy knew the shame
Daddy never knows
Cos daddy has never been there

The little boy who is now a man
So early in his childhood
Abandon lost to another
Never to regain

You work so late
You drink so much
Is it that I don?t love you?
Is it that you lose all care?

I made so much mess
I made your life so bad
It was not all my fault
I love you dad

With all my heart I love you
I love you so much you can perceive
I remember just how much I missed you
I remember just now much you cared

But something got in the way of our love
It was too much to share
It was mine, all mine?

Some things are so difficult to share
It?s a pity I could not share it with you
But, now you know the reasons
The young child had to know

Daddy, I think it was best you didn?t know
Little boys don?t tell
You don?t need to know
My interpretation of HELL

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!