(A song I wrote)

Long Ago somebody sliped some poison through the back door
"We got more anger in him, than we ever realized.We got more anger in him than he ever realized."
Oh I wish I could meet him, just he, I, and my knife.
He took my life he deserves to die!
What a poisonous malady!

I will own my anger so I can disown my anger, as of yet I still own my anger and I'm prone to danger.
What a Poisonous Malady!

I will feel my feelings, I will express my feelings, and I will earn my healing!
What a Precious Melody! ;\)

As I turn this anger into healthy energy,
I will then push this anger,...... WAY HEY... OUT SIDE OF ME!
That day will be a Precious Melody! \:D

"Him....who is healing all your maladies. Who is reclaiming your life from the very pit" Ps 103:3-4