I Piss On Your Grave

I Piss on your grave, you worthless sonofabitch
Because there is no one on Earth I hate more than you.
You don't care, this I know. You walk
Between the raindrops of responsability and guilt
While I and your other victims deal with your selfishness.
Would that I have five minutes with you in a room
No windows, I'd show you the true meaning of pain.
The true depths of fear.
Some say I should forgive you. That would mean
That the pain I suffered means nothing at all.
NOTHING! And that's what you tried to make me.
Nothing but an object, a living toy. This is what
You made a child. Made ME! You were supposed to
HELP me, fucking bastard that you are!
If you are still alive, I'd kill you myself.
I'd go to Hell willingly if I could kick your ass
Down the Pit.
More the shame I couldn't put you in the ground myself.
I hate you. I fucking HATE you!
And you could care less.
Fuck it. Fuck YOU!



There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies