We close our eyes and the truth evades us.

We open our eyes to see the blackness of your heart

And body invading us.

Your cold hard hands break the fragility of my baby skin and take the sweet sap

In my limbs and draw it out like marrow from a roasting bone.

We are nothing to you

Just flesh

A carcass to infest with your hatred and despise

Can there be any of you in this

Please let there be an end to the devastation that fouls the air that I breathe.

The porcelain in my skin has shattered and isnít replaceable

The corrupted thoughts in my brain are your result

And the pain in my body is a result of your grinding.

We cannot escape you. The devil is inside you, and now youíve put in inside me.

Your discoloured skin has stained mine and I am now diseased and infected.

I have no hope. I am lost.

You have taken me and my mind in fragmented and the pieces donít fit anymore.

Can you see what youíve done

Or is your mouth still wet from pleasure?

Are you able to distance yourself and see what youíve done/

My mind is gone and this desecration will be forever and the sands of time will pass

only to have the same effect.

You have raped me

And now I am gone

Nothing will change

I am broken down

Broken by your body

And to now see your face

Kills me even more

To see your smugness

Kills me

It kills me

Youíve killed me

"Deliver me, out of my saddness. Deliver me, from all of the madness. Deliver me, courage to guide me. Deliver me, strength from inside me." Sarah Brightman