I go down on my knees
I do everything I can to please
I give in
I obey
I comply with every word you say
I give up all control
Existing for your bekon call,
Nothing left to defend
I surrender everything I am.
Hinting, hurting, Pain, Growing, Urge, Stronger, Power, Exploding, Hungry, Angry, Craving...
Am I alive? Let me bleed and see.
Subdued for the moment
I can breathe again
Iíll give you everything you want
Iíll do anything you wantÖ
Just to make the pain and hunger go away
Make me bleed
Make me beg
Punish me across your leg
Iím a slut
Iím a slave
Make me promise
I will behave
Tie me down
Chain me up
Youíll decide when Iíve had enough
Iím your bitch.
Iím your whore
You give me everything
But I still need more