Please don't look at me that way,
Why are you staring at me? Why are you watching me play?
No one else notices the hate in your eyes... no one but me.
You're saying you love me but I feel the hate emanating from your skin.
No one notices but me.
I hear your voice echo in my head… “Play with me, I’ll be your friend….. trust me”
(I trusted you)
You're watching me with lust and anger in your eyes, why doesn't anyone notice.
I can hear your thoughts… ""Innocent child, so sweet so pure.""
I’ll be a good boy I promise.
You're waiting patiently for us to be alone.
I love you, but I'm afraid to be alone with
You lied to me.
I believed you.
You crave my flesh and my youth.
(You make me feel dirty.)
You need the power, that I understand.
Yes, I can feel your power.
You rape
My mind, my body, my soule
Please don’t...
I suppose this kind of thing would only happen to a bad and worthless kid.
I am bad
Forcing your way in over and over, please just kill me and get it over with you sick fuck!
(I wish I were dead)
Maybe if I don't fight back you'll love me.
Maybe if I don't cry you'll love me.
Maybe if I'm a good boy and don't make any
sounds you'll love me.
(What am I doing wrong)
Now lie still………
(God not again)
I promise I won't cry
I promise I'll be good
I'll do anything you want
I love you.
(I Hate you)