i know i haven't been around much. ive been working on this poem for quite some time and every few lines i had to stop because i would start to feel sick...anyways here it is.

evil winds its way up my bed,
whispers thoughts into my head,
thoughts I would not rather hear,
the starting words of a thousand tears,
will I sleep tonight?

it slips itself beneath my cover,
heart goes cold, I start to shudder,
mind leaves me, I start to hate,
body goes into shock, none can relate,
will I feel tonight?

razor sharpness meets the neck,
eyes narrow into a speck,
time slows down to a halt,
start to think this is all my fault,
will I die tonight?

a disturbing smell whiffs past my nose,
feeling sick off go my clothes,
wrapping myself in a shell,
anywhere is better then this hell,
will I breathe tonight?


will I ever live again?

If I die, he wins.
Losing is not an option.

Forgive yourself.