If'n You Can't.....

If'n you can't build up, don't tear down
'Cause the world needs more buildin', not destroyin'.
Look, just 'cause you feel as if the universe
Is kicking YOUR ass don't give you the right
To kick somebody else's to make you feel good.
I know anger, I FEEL anger, everyday
An' sometimes I feel like I got to let it out
But why do it to someone who don't deserve your hatin'?
You want that done to you? Hell no way.
If'n you can't help, don't hurt no one
'Cause you were hurt, did it feel good to you?
Hell no, then why you got to do it to others?
We've got too much of that hurtin' and hatin' in
Goin' round this place, and the last thing we
Need is more.
Why you got to add to it? Because you got it done
To you?
If'n you need to heal, start healin'. Take some
Of that negative shit and turn it around. That's
How we all start to get better, spreadin' love
Is the thing that will make us all better. We spread
Hate we're just keepin' the circle goin'.
Why do you want to do that?
I want to break the circle that keeps the pain
Feeding in on us, and the way to do it is to
Give out our hand, not lash out with our fist.
If'n you want to be loved, start lovin'. Sure it's
Hard when you ain't got any good love in your life.
But to get, you got to give, so hand out that love
And it will come back to you. I know this
Is the truest thing.
If'n you want peace, give it.
If'n you want to build, start buildin'.
Let's all cut the shit and treat each other better.
Spread the peace!

All of us need to remember that, while we all have anger in our hearts, justifyably, there's no excuse for tearing someone else down.

Let's keep this a healing place.

Peace and love,


There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies