This is my first attempt at "slam" poetry, and there's no open mike tonight, so I'm going to try writing it. From first to last, no edit.

Love Is and Isn't

Love is the key to the universe. Love
Is the force that connects, never divides.
Love isn't deception or the lie to
Get what you want. It is the food of the
Soul, as long as it doesn't go bad. Love
is what we need, all that we need. All we
need is Love. Love isn't hate or hurt
or the closed fist or the out-of-control
penis, vagina, finger. You cannot find Love in
bed or a shower or a bookstore. That kind
of Love is an empty love, like a bag
of potato chips. It tastes good but never
satisfies. We are brought into this world with
Love in us, and it looks to find fertile soil
to grow. Some does, some doesn't but it doesn't
matter because it will always be there with us
even when we cannot find it. Lonliness is a love
that cannot find it's place, and Love needs a
place to grow. Love is the only force that can
create, nothing else can bring growth. Love isn't
confining or violent, it isn't a closed fist, but
a gentl touch. Love is the most important thing
that we seek. Everything is a quest for Love, and
when we deny that, it's when problems start.
We are all born with the ability to Love, and we
need to hold onto this to be the people we can
be. Love is all that I crave, and someday I shall
find the missing piece that will make it grow.
I Love. It's the best thing I can say. I Love.
I shall always Love.

Peace and Love,


There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies