(To a brother who is hurting right now)

I took the post from you to watch
the endless night for signs of trouble.

And as you sleep, I keep moving
around, looking for signs of trouble.

You don't ask me to do this, but I do
so anyway, because you've done the same.

The cost of this war is vigilence
eternal, but we can't stay up all the time.

So we switch sides, one taking their much
deserved rest, the other keeping watch.

I keep myself in front of you, my back to
you, my eyes on the move.

If a threat shows itself, I will throw
myself in its way, anything to keep you safe.

It's not what we ask for, this protection.
But it's one we offer each other constantly.

For this is a war that can't be won on
the watch of one person. We need each other.

I complete my turn, and begin pacing to
the other side of the hill.

My shift isn't over, and I still have
to guard your back, as you will mine.

(And apologies to David for stealing his metaphor!)

Peace and love, my brother and all who needs it.
I'm keeping watch.


There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies