To Zipser. Trying to answer your question.

Be brave enough to cry, little boy.
Your heart is broken.
You can hurt, you know.
Don't be strong anymore.
There's nothing shameful in giving in to the pain.
There's nothing shameful in letting someone see you cry
Letting someone hold you while you do
Let them hold you
Let them hold you while you cry
Let them feel the devastation while they hold you in their arms
Let out the pain
Let them love you
Be weak, little boy
You're such a little guy
Never allowed to be little
Never allowed to need
Always strong
Let 'em see it
Cry as loud as you can
Lay on the floor and scream
Alone in the world
No one there
He's dying you know
And he cannot love you
Will not love you
Dare not love you
So, cry it out, little boy
Don't hold back
Cry until the floor around you is wet with your anguish
And you can cry no more

I'm healing now, and I wasn't sure I would.