Just after dawn walking thru the virgin snow iced over by chill winds
footprints etched into the crisp white land barren of emotion, all is still
but I am alone, alone in the wilderness leaving a track for all to follow,
looking back and seeing the silly walk that I have never realised

Cracking the ice with already cold feet and getting them wet feeling the
cold, they are freezing now, but no I go on and crack more ice, feet
getting colder, hands like ice, red rosy cheeks, but I am still a kid and
I enjoy all this, the thrill of being in a big world suspended of animation
and hibernation all around me, hands freezing and desolate..

But hey, I have a warm
feeling inside that he could not take. I am the kid remember, I leave
tracks in the snow for you to follow, but I know you will not follow me
Now, I confront you like the devil, yes the devil, the devil you once where,
you can only hunt me down once, and when he has had his evil he is no

I cry as I walk each teardrop turning to crystal just as the ice beneath me,
I cry to let out the anger, and frustration, the hurt and the pain you forced as
a little child, crying in the wilderness, leaving the way open for you to follow,
meet me know on my terms, and say what you did was good, you cry those
tears that you make me shed.

You make me feel good, because I know
you would not dare confront what you did, and I leave these and many
other tracks for you and your fellow rapists to capture their prey, this time
though I am waiting, waiting for you.

You have given me the tools to fight or flight, my inner instincts honed and
sharpened like claws waiting to gouge at your flesh and your mind,
just as you did to me.

My World is beautiful, a far World as that you would have me live in, where
there is peace and serenity all around, love, affection and laughter which
you almost took can now be with me as my wounds heal and my thoughts
wander back to the kid you almost took.
dare not follow because I am now strong and able

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!