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#78940 - 07/17/04 02:20 AM Life is a prison,
camron Offline

Registered: 06/17/04
Posts: 39
Loc: england
Life Is A Prison
by Puff
Life is a prison,
Oh God let me out.
No one to listen,
To hear when you shout.

Climb the walls of insanity,
Ride the waves of despair.
If you fall it don't matter,
There's no one to care.

Used to wish for a window,
To see birds, trees and sky,
But you're better without one -
Stops you aiming too high.

Watching freedom is painful,
For those locked away.
Seeing joy, love and happiness,
Another price that you pay.

Strong is good, weak is bad.
Be it false, be it true.
Your mind makes the choice,
And enforces it too.

Cell walls built by society,
With rules to adhere.
If you breach the acceptable,
You had better beware.

Hide the pain, carry on,
Routine is the key.
Don't let on that you're not,
What you're pretending to be.

Lock it all up inside you,
How badly that bodes.
Look out for that one day,
When it all just explodes.

Leaving naught but a shell,
Base functionality too.
But killing all else,
That was uniquely you.

So how do you grow,
With a timebomb inside?
Or how to defuse it,
Without destroying its ride?

You can't.

Collect some stars to shine for you,and start today, cause there are only a few.

#78941 - 07/17/04 02:21 AM Re: Life is a prison,
camron Offline

Registered: 06/17/04
Posts: 39
Loc: england
Something must be wrong with me
with all this hurt inside,
always bursting with anger,
and never any pride.

Something must be wrong with me
if all I do is cry,
I can't stop this pain
all I want to do is die.

Something must be wrong with me
if my emotions run wild,
all this confusion does
is make me feel like a lost child.

Something must be wrong with me
with all these terrible things,
always there and never gone
depression is what it brings.

Something must be wrong with me
if I can't stop these thoughts,
all this pain does
is turn my stomach in knots.

Something is truly wrong with me
when I think there's only one way out,
"Let this pain end,"
is all my heart will shout.

Collect some stars to shine for you,and start today, cause there are only a few.

#78942 - 07/22/04 07:33 PM Re: Life is a prison,
John Ireland Offline

Registered: 11/12/02
Posts: 155
Loc: Chicago
Camron---Your words are powerful & I relate to the prison cell life having spent decades there ... I feel your deep pain & fight depression in my ongoing battles... I am freeing my voice to add force in breaking those bloody CELL WALLS SOCIETY has built too many centuries around weary warriors!!! United voices may hold the key to unlock your imprisoned self... I hope to give U positive energy to enable diffusing the clicking time bomb inside.......

#78943 - 07/22/04 11:02 PM Re: Life is a prison,
reality2k4 Offline

Registered: 07/06/04
Posts: 6845
Loc: Stuck between water, air, and ...

there are a load of us who have gone thru this pain, pain we don't ask for, nobody knows the pain
we have faced, but in this group we have all shared the same pain, some more than others.

We have to get thru the pain and find relief from it, because if we don't, it will just destroy us.

It is like some sort of Hell, but we must get there! There is nothing so painful as memories they make us face, but we must be strong and get
to be stronger, I have faced this crap for 40 yrs
and only coming to terms with it within this group.

The ability to talk about this shit is too hard to even talk about to anybody, but to talk with people who have been there is like being in a brotherhood of fellow victims.

We have so many problems to share, CSA/SA brings probs so much more unspeakable to people, that we never mention it, the feeling that nobody cares, nobody has been there, we all know in here that we have all been down the same road.

You are in a prison, but the inmates have all been there, they have travelled the same twisted road, we all had our minds tainted by abuse, but we must be strong, we have our own lives to lead, we must put our own minds at rest and live what life we were meant to lead as much as we possibly can

take care


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!


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