I haven't been hear for over a year but I've come back because my former spiritual teachers for ten years are now involved in a sex scandal.
Eli Jaxon-Bear has admitted to having a three year affair with a student who is now in therapy because of it. He has resigned from teaching and his organization is falling apart. His wife (Gangaji) and co-teacher knew of this affair and continued to teach couples retreats with him for almost a year.
What makes this so devastaing for me is that I was kicked out of their community a year ago when I revealed my past emotional abuse of others and the fact that I had once stalked a woman. They said I was still a threat even though three of their counselors recommended that I continue to be part of the spiritual community because I was so open and honest about my past and my current feelings.
I would love to hear of anyone who has experience with these teachers.
If you go to http://www.leela.org and click on "letter from the board of directors" you can get their version of what happened. Gangaji's website does not even mention the scandal and she is still teaching.
Thank You for listening and feel free to send me a message.

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