God did say that all his children who are hurt will follow him to Heaven, his lost sheep.
His lost sheep wandered so wide looking for their shepherd, and he was right there by their side.

The jackals and beasts made good with their prey, sometimes telling the prey, it was their duty to please the master, who was sent as a beast by Satan.

This little boy hid from Satan, but knew he was around him day by day, he had the reminder.
That little boy had nothing to do with Satan, nor his disciples.

Even if his disciples shall live on to abuse, they will be judged by God, and will have no power over his children.

God said that, when he proved that he will help his lost lambs when they are hurting wherever they may be.

He is with every little kid who got hurt, in a world that was theirs, and their legacy to make the world a better place.

That was Gods wish that the good ppl outweigh the bad ppl, and those who look after his world will be rewarded with great wealth, that of eternal happiness.

Let us face the fact that if our childhoods were taken as virgin children.
We cant be a child, nor a teenager, nor anything much in the adult world.

But we can!

WE, can be happy that we know the little boy never died, and he is me and you.


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!