I was going to write this some time back.

I visited my sisters home, it is a big house
which she rents as flats.
The part were she lives in pretty big, and she
has a large open fire.

On the fireplace ther are lots of ornaments, some
breakable, and a large mirror on the wall.
We were all sat drinking when the mirror just fell
and somehow jumped over the ornaments and smashed onto the

It was like slow motion, but how it did not touch the
ornaments I just dont fathom out.
The house was once the home of the captain of the titanic,
captain Smith, so I wondered whether he had anything to do
with it.

I wondered why this happened when I was there as I rarely
visit here home!
On close inspection the cord was frayed and the mirror
was very heavy, so it could have broken anytime.

Was there a message in this?
My father always told me that a broken mirror gives you
seven years bad luck!
So! How many mirrors have I smashed??? \:\(


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!