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#78107 - 12/14/05 10:05 PM A tribute to Jake from myself and others
reality2k4 Offline

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Brother Bear

I decided to do my own little tribute to the greatest man that I ever met.
His name was Jake, and he had many friends in this place, and also those who did not have so much time for him.

Jake passed away on July 21th of 2005, at the age of just 21yo.
In the short time that I knew him, he taught me more than any other teacher in life could ever teach, he also helped so many others here.

He was a man, who had no bitter side to others, and was so helpful and caring, even though the hurt of past life events were hurting him beyond anything that I could ever imagine, he shown me how to have courage, and yes, it was a massive blow to lose him so early.

Lose him, NO, he is still there with me, as I walk through my own life, he is one of my guardian spirits, and to all who seek him on their own journey through this life.

I spent many hours in chat, and on Yahoo messenger, so I guess I knew a whole load more of Jakes life than others here, and believe me it was not easy.
I asked him to go for a walk in the wooded mountain on his doorstep, and he told me that abuse had robbed him of the use of his legs, so he could not be with the bears and other animals.

In his short life, he helped so many, without even addressing his own hurt and fears.
His Yahoo profile said 21yo and not looking.
Yes he was a special friend and always will be.

I wrote this poem on his passing, and his sister Omastewin said it will be at his funeral for others to see, along with the poems from other guys here, who loved and missed him so much, and yes, it was a great tribute to me, that she did that.

Here is the poem;

To my little brother bear
Jake you were my brother
You held me in your arms
You were like no other
A man who did no harm

The spirit Gods have called you
They took you up so high
They took our little brother
A star in the night sky

I know that you are with us
Through every night and day
You will be walking with us
A blessing come what may

The angels took you far away
A place were theres no harm
Your wounds will all be fixed now
This man of oh such charm

When spirits come and take me
And every man in here
We will find the answers
To our unwanted fears

nite, nite, bro' Bear


This text was written by his sister;

Prayer to the spirit Gods on the passing of a loved one
"Jake has passed away due to illness. Jake loved you all. I know he would want you all to live good lives. He is on a good spirit journey and will always be with all of us. In my tribe we think on the good things of those that pass and not of our own loss. There was so much good in Jake. I know he will be watching over all of us. Respectfully, Jessie and Omastewin"

All, we never can understand the reasons why things come to be. Only Tunkasila Wakan Tanka can know that. We can only accept what comes our way and continue on a good path. But if you wish to honor Jake then tonight before you eat, place a small bit of food on a plate and set it under a tree facing west. It is our way, its called wopila which is a sacred kind of thank-you and its known as feeding the spirits and that would honor Jake.
I just found this prayer for lakota dead,

GrandMother East: From you comes the sun which brings life to us all; I ask that you have the sun shine on my friends here, and bring a new life to them -- a life without the pain and sadness of the world; and to their families, bring your sun for they also need your light for their lives.

GrandFather South: You bring the storms from the south which brings the rains to nourish us and our crops. Be gentle when you fall on my friends; and as the rain touches them, let it wash away the pain and sadness that they carry with them.

GrandMother West: You take the sun from us and cradle it in your arms, then you bring darkness onto us so that we may sleep. When you bring the darkness to my friends here, do so without the nightmares that we have had for so long. Let your stars and moon shine on my friends in a gentle manner; and as they look at the stars, they remember that those stars are the spirits of my friends shining on them and those friends are at peace.

GrandFather North: You are the Warrior, you have ridden alongside my friends here into battle, you have also felt their love and caring when you were wounded or lonely; ride alongside of them, for now they are in this the hardest battle for their life, the battle for inner peace. Now is the time for you to care for them.

GrandFather Sky: May your songs of the winds and clouds sweep the pain and sadness out of my friends' hearts; as they hear those songs, let them know the spirits who are with those songs are at peace.

GrandMother Earth: I have asked all the other GrandFathers and GrandMothers to help my friends rid themselves of the troubles that weigh so heavy on their hearts. This way, the weight they carry will be less; and they will walk more softly on you.

GrandMother Earth: From your womb all spirits have come when they return to you; cradle them gently in your arms and allow them to join their friends in the skies. If they want to hurry themselves to you, tell them you are not ready; and they must wait, for now they can pass on peace to others. May the Great Spirit watch over you, and may you be at peace.

Lakota Sioux

Another poem offered by Kevin;

Tribute to Jake
I miss you so bad big brother. I want it not to be true but I cant make it be like that. Im always going to remember you and I know you're still looking out for me. Thanks for all the hugs when I was scared and jokes when I was down and getting me back home and keeping me safe from things that hurt me, and believing in me. This is for you bro. I just love you so much and I wish you were still here.

Wakiyan Cistala ("Little Thunder", Kevin)

My Brother Jake

You found me a shamed and broken boy,
So scared but ready to fight.
You showed me what my life could be
With your gentle loving light.

We cried and held each other up
When our troubles ground us down.
We laughed and joked and argued which
Of us made the bigger clown.

I knew you were there and felt my pain
The night I heard you died.
Your strong arms reached around me still
To comfort me as I cried.

Your words still ring in my broken heart,
Like the bluesman's haunting tune;
And you'll always be my cool big brother
Though you left us all too soon.

And finally, another poem from Bobby;

Tribute to Jake who died on 21 July 2005
Jake was only 21yo, he died tragically after an illness took him away.
His life was so tragic, from a small child onwards, and the hurt took
him away to the spirit World.

He was a Lakota indian tribesman, and taught everyone so much in such
a short time that we knew him. This is not my work, but I have lost a
little brother bear.

How could they take you from my world
How could they take a thing of beauty
So delicate
So strong
So giving
So trusting

You changed me, my friend
You made me more than I was
Lessened my pain
Because of the way you handled yours
Opened me up
Because you were so open to me

I watched you suffer day after day
Saw you nearly give in
Only to come back stronger than before
And even in your greatest pain
Always...always console me in mine.

I wondered often how you were alive
How you dealt with the anger
How you dealt with the way the world tried to throw you away
An innocent child with an incredible heart
And an amazing will to live

And now they tell me you have died
Just when I thought you were ready to live

You became a part of me
Perhaps you never knew
Perhpaps you never knew I loved you
Thought of you somehow as my own inner child
struggling so hard to spread your wings and fly

I'll keep you with me always
Because you always made me warm
Always showed me love
The way we all should love each other in spite....
In spite of all the world has sent our way.

You're free now, Jake
Free of all your pain
But, god, I'll miss you

You see, because of who you are, I can never again be who I was
That is an amazing, amazing thing

Rest well, my high
The angels are lucky to have you


And from me, Mato Akicita aka Jake, will always be remembered.

Please add to the tribute,



Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!

#78108 - 12/16/05 05:37 PM Re: A tribute to Jake from myself and others
Morning Star Offline

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I look beneath my feet
and find nothing
I am flying towards Thee.

I feel your wings
I feel your winds
is it you, who carries me
towards Thee?

Touched by your mercies
Washed by your light
I stretch across your ocean
and you become my sky.

You become to my deathless ocean
as I become your deep blue sky.

I seek you in nothing
yet find you in every.

I seek you in a thousand ways
to find, you’ve been seeking me
in a million.

You come as my future
and ask for my past.

You come as thunder
and ask for my sorrow,
You come as rain
and ask for my pain.

You seek nothing,
but the best in me.

You look so clear and pure
like a crystal drop.
Is it you that I carry
within my heart?

I dream of you each night
as you dream me up each night.

You tell me a thousand stories
about strange lands
and teach me in stranger ways

You ask me to open up and flow
I ask you to take me up
and fly

I look beneath me
and find you as my feet
I look by my side
and find you as my wings
I look within
and find you as my heart.

~ It's over!...Let go of Thy Past, Remember Thy Self ~

Why Don't People Heal, by Caroline Myss; 30 days to clean up your vibrations - Abraham-Hicks


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