Bombs going off in London, innocent people slaughtered, we shall never know why.

One thing is for certain though, it is just another deed in mans inhumanity to man.

Today is massive triggers to me, like I am going through the terror of it all, but I am not there.

911, was big triggers, so was Iraq *war*, and all the other massacres, some of which were on TV, like the Breslan school. I remember screaming to God, to intervene, and there were many tears, that I shed for them poor children and families, who suffer such trauma that indeed is bad karma.

Guess he is too busy, like I thought as a kid.
What about all the other things that we never here about.

We live in a World that is violent and unpredictable, it is run by greedy ruthless people, and those who take what they want, regardless of the cost, to their victims.

I suppose being who I am, I carry, or share this burden, which is not mine, but it is the hurt of others.

Anger begets anger. When Jesus said, 'Love thine enemy', that's precisely what he meant. If we want to stop a cycle of violence and evil, we have to step outside it, no matter how shocked we may feel or how much harm it has done to us. We have to be guided by hope and inspiration, not fear or fury. We don't have to forget. We don't even have to forgive. But we do have to keep walking away from the darkness of hatred and towards the light of love.

My love will never be broken by those who have chosen to walk in the shadows of darkness, and whom caste others into the darkness which is not of their own making.

Please pray for a World that we can all live in, at Peace, and with security from the evil that was once our burden, and maybe we will never forget the burden.


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!