I found this on another site, it is not my work.


slide me into perfection
and make me at one with nothing
for I am nothing if not imperfection incarnate
and there exists none who are otherwise

Do not think me a mortal
for my words are eternal
but think on me only under the fullest mooon
and consider my words carefully

do not give to those who do not give
and do not take from those who've taken oft'
do not speak with those who speak much too much
and lean not on those whose eyes are slanted toward gain

do not walk with those who wander aimlessly
and do not aimlessly roam about
for there is nothing but loss out side of the path
that focuses one's own intentions

have no mercy on those who slander
for their words have no mercy on the innocent
and give no quarter to braggarts
for only a fool thinks they will consider it compassion

Many a year I've wandered under the breaking moon
and these things have led me to one conclusion
be gentle as doves but as cunning and wary the serpent
for you know not the intentions of one's heart

Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!