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#77209 - 07/05/04 06:02 AM Why Me? Anyone ever ask?
jaywho Offline

Registered: 06/29/04
Posts: 39
Loc: WV
I have a problem that needs fixed, I am angry with God. Yep, I admit it. I am a religious person, always saying and thinking up to this point I could handle anything. I however always thought there was a plan. Know the saying “God doesn’t put more on you than you can handle”, find that in the Bible, it isn’t there? We took a passage I think (gonna look for the exact>

#77210 - 07/06/04 12:44 AM Re: Why Me? Anyone ever ask?
EGL Offline
Moderator Emeritus
Registered: 06/19/04
Posts: 7821
Hi Jaywho,

I think the>

#77211 - 07/06/04 08:28 PM Re: Why Me? Anyone ever ask?
crisispoint Offline

Registered: 09/24/03
Posts: 2154
Loc: Massachusetts

You know, I have a few friends who are "born again," and while I've never knocked their belief, nor ever questioned their relationship with God, they have driven me crazy with the observation that I "can't be mad at God, because he is our light and salvation."

Hmmmm.....can't be mad at Him. Truthfully? I have a relationship with him just as deep, and profound and life-changing, as theirs. And any relationship can be strained and rankled over.

Can I be mad at God? Damn straight I can.

Despite my having faith in him, despite my knowing He loves me and has a grand purpose for me, he has ticked me off on many occasions. And, like a friend who has said or done something hurtful, I have gotten mad at him and I've called him on it.

Just because we have faith doesn't mean we CAN'T get mad at the Almighty. But I also have seen His mercy and compassion. He has helped me everyday. He's given me the strength to get rhough some pretty trying times, and He will again. This I know.

He isn't responsible, and in the end, I can't blame him, but I still ask sometimes, "why me? Why was I raped? Why was I abused? Why was I lied to?"

And then I hear Him tell me, "why were the others hurt so?" I can't answer that. But there is an answer. I was hurt because of the evil of some animals in human form. But I was spared the end because of Him.

I am healing because of Him.

I'm a good man because of His strength and will.

And this helps me through.

God is trying to help your husband, and He will, if He is allowed to. I don't say this to anger or provoke, but healing has to come from the person as well as from outside.

He will help. He already has. He is trying to help your husband. We think (me included) all of God's miracles are sky-rendering "I am the LORD" moments. They can also be the whisper and the choice we make. The GOOD choice. The RIGHT choice.

I hope this helps. I may be rambling. I haven't been sleeping well. But these are some of the truths I've discovered.

Peace and love to you and your husband.


There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies

#77212 - 07/06/04 09:10 PM Re: Why Me? Anyone ever ask?
SeeingMe Offline

Registered: 03/18/04
Posts: 60
Loc: USA
Hi all,

It took a long time and I am still working on it but for me the betrayals of trust have lead to a greater understanding of the wisdom of God's design. Central to that design is His gift of free will. We all have it, even if we do not think we do. I try not to get angry at God, even though I believe He can take my little bursts of fury and turn it into something good for me. Instead, I look at these as a ways to confirm the rightness of his design.

Every time something or someone hurts me, I look for a clearer view of the sign on His narrow path that I need to find. So far He has done a great job pointing the Way and I still struggle and stumble all the same. He keeps teaching me and forging my strength in the pain and the weakness of its moment. Thanks be to Him.

JayWho, yes, it is nearly impossible to understand how someone who says he loves his wife can put himself in a position to cheat on her. That is what happened and you still hurt. If one believes in God's design for marriage (Genesis 2, I think), then is there really an excuse for introducing another person into a union that makes two people become one. Not one that really makes sense, if ones eyes are focused on God and His Word. But sometimes we need to go through the pain to learn to maintain that focus no matter what.

After all, the only true support we have is our Lord. People, through the exercise of their free will and due to their limitations will hurt us. But God is there in the end to love, support, heal through his Word and the relationship we develop with Him. It all CAN lead us even closer to Him.

JayWho, you seem to be learning so much from this already. And there is so much you have not even began to realize, I am sure. I hope you and your husband keep your focus from now on. I know you both can make it through this, if you keep your eyes up, on the same goal.

May the pain you are experiencing be healing and cleansing as it opens new ways for you and your husband to reach out to each other.

God bless you both.

Seeing Me

#77213 - 07/06/04 09:11 PM Re: Why Me? Anyone ever ask?
SeeingMe Offline

Registered: 03/18/04
Posts: 60
Loc: USA

You make a lot of sense. I am glad you posted!

Seeing Me

#77214 - 07/06/04 09:36 PM Re: Why Me? Anyone ever ask?
Ivo Offline

Registered: 05/08/04
Posts: 267
Loc: Germany
Dear jaywho,
I am very sorry that you are angry on God.
I want to give you a tribute because you are great fighter (you described how hard life you had and still have).
You want an answer on very though question. Maybe I do not know it but that God from Red sea is still around. The present time is different as well as challenges in our lives.
And the fact that we are living in modern time is not good enough reason to not have bigger test on our faith than we can find it in Bible. In contrary, it is harder and harder to be really religious in present day.
You are confused because your husband did hurt you. But I can see that your relation is improving because now you know what happened to him when he was kid. Yes, you are mad, you have all right to be. But this is just part of overall misery that your husband bears in his mind.
Also be aware that just your love is not enough to make everything repaired and put in order. You need more activity also from your husband side.

Yes, anger is not good; it is not right answer for anything but I am sure that Good understands and accepts you better than you might think.

I'll pray for you, for your husband and for your family. Maybe this can help more than anything (I hope that my faith is strong enough).

I wish you all the best.

#77215 - 07/07/04 04:22 AM Re: Why Me? Anyone ever ask?
TeeJayUU Offline

Registered: 04/30/04
Posts: 317
Loc: MidWest
I am a "Born Again Christian", just Baptized a week ago. I NEVER knew God before 18 months ago, so I was never mad at Him. I do know how much more I am healing with His help and support and guidance and ...

Angry with God? Why not? He understands ALL of our feelings and emotions, or pain and suffering. I have never had a problem with people (many here) who refuse to believe in a God or are so very angry that they feel they can never turn to God again. I find that sad, but I do not blame them or turn away or Preach, I just Pray.

I hope you do not mind that I will Pray for you and your husband. He has EARNED the right to be mad! I also want to say an extra Blessing for you, I know what my wife has done for me and put up with because of my past!

God Bless You Both!



"There is a plan for me, God has a Purpose, I know there is a reason that I'm ALIVE!" Cherish Grace

#77216 - 07/26/04 06:57 PM Re: Why Me? Anyone ever ask?
FlyWM Offline

Registered: 09/14/03
Posts: 322
Loc: Michigan
In any relationship there are times when the people are angry with one another, so it is with our relationship with God, there will be times you are angry at him, and I am sure there will be times he is disappointed in you.

As for "why did he let it happen?" I don't believe he let it happen, did he stop it? NO. But he was there he was holding your husband and was holding you, at least he was holding your soul and crying with you and for you, and he still here for you. This was the peace that helped me, knowing that he was there with me through it all, knowing that he held me through it all, that he suffered along with me.

Do I blame you for being angry at God? Not at all, it is a normal human reaction, it is not a bad thing it just is, just as all emotions just are.

Also I think that this happening just makes us that much stronger, I like the>
Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible in not a declaration, it's a dare.



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