Today,still too sore & woozy from my car accident Wednesday, I didn't go to church today.

So I watched the service at Notre Dame U Cathedral
It is Good Shepherd Sunday. The priest spoke about
how sheep learn to follow only the voice of their own shepherd. It's said that the only time a sheep
will follow a voice other than that of their own shepherd is when it is sick; then it will follow virtually any voice.

That makes me think about how we survivors are sick from the abuse done to us. It's easy for us to follow voices we shouldn't, get into trouble, & set ourselves up for even further abuse.

For me a vital part of recovery lies in hearing my own inner voice, my inner shepherd. And following this my own true voice instead of the voices of perps past or skeptics present. They are the ones who are truly sick.

Everyone has their own inner voice of their true self, however you understand it. May each of us find our voice...


"I can't stand pain. It hurts me."
--Daffy Duck