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Three years ago, I used to sit next to a guy who considered himself to be a born again evangelical Christian. At the time I was agnostic and basically concocted my own spirituality based on what, I don't remember. He always quoted the bible like I do now and actually listened to religious music at work which subjected him to ridicule when he wasn't there. He was so much like me some times in ways I have only ever experienced on this website with the other members. Now I realize he probably belongs here with us.

Anyway, he said something like "you get anxiety attacks don't you" and I don't know how he knew, but he just did. He told me his anxiety attacks stopped completely when he "became a Christian". I told him I was a Christian (even though I really don't think I was looking back on it). He said what about your oppinions on this or that, but it still didn't sway me. He was the closest example I had ever met of someone who claimed to be Christian, so I thought this proved to me that organized religion was inferior to my own self concocted ideals.

I set out to prove he was a hypocrite many times. One time a guy who was two job de>