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#76544 - 04/16/02 08:48 AM church molesting children is nothing new/history lesson
Broken Offline

Registered: 03/25/01
Posts: 273
Loc: Huntingtun Beach, CA, US
This is more of a history lesson, but its related to the church.

My friend is into philosophy, religion, anthropolgy and that sort of thing. He said that the church once dug up the corpse of a pope guilty of sexually abusing boys and exonerated him. The church is just a bastion of virtue isnt it?

I don't want to judge, but must. Christianity, catholisism, and european monotheism in general is just wrong. It has been an front for child molesters to work for hundreds of years.

It has no basis in fact, history, or spirituality, its just a branch off a curropt political power that dominated europe for hundreds of years. The church was responsible for the inquistion, the crusades, and a great deal of ignorence surrounding the dark ages that caused so much strife. It has repeatedely and deliberately hoarded and used knowledge for itself and those who are in power, and perpatrated false reality and ignorence amoung the populace to stay there.

It makes me sad that so many truly good people are christians, because its all one big fat lie to keep them down. Whether you believe in god or not, facts are facts, and until people begin to realise the church is nothing but a front, it will continue to use others for its own purposes over and over. It mirrors on a large scale the pattern of abuse we go through so often. It is a big abuse machine, and that is not an opinion, it is simply the fact.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, and i respect that. If you are not abusing other people what you believe is your business.

But personally, i think military action should be taken against the church. They ought to be disbanded the way we should crush child molesting cults, because thats exactely what it is.

#76545 - 04/18/02 05:08 AM Re: church molesting children is nothing new/history lesson
Just Call me J Offline

Registered: 07/14/01
Posts: 204
Loc: Inland Empire, California
I found that all my issues with Christianity, dealt not with God, or my spirituality, but with the people that practice it.

I have issues with the politics and self-serving nature of the heirarchy of the Christian churches, not with the lessons that come from Jesus or the Bible.

I don't believe that any one religion has got it absolutely, 100% correct, but I do believe that there is something worthwhile in any of them. I believe that God shows Herself to people in a way that can be understood by our limited understandings. Thus, a Bushman in a secluded area of the world, has just as much a shot at eternal life as I did, growing up in a United Methodist upbringing.

That the leaders of the early church were hypocrites is something that they will have to face up to upon Judgement of God. I doubt She will be happy that Her good works were perverted in selfish ways by those priests. So I don't worry about it. I refuse to let someone else ruin my relationship with my creator. Politics is a human invention. People did these terrible those terrible things, not God.

God gave us free will, and a set of rules, to follow, or not. It will all catch up with you eventually. Treat each other badly, at your peril.

We're in this together.


We're in this together. - Nine Inch Nails

#76546 - 04/18/02 11:12 PM Re: church molesting children is nothing new/history lesson

History will record that our generation is the "Age of the Scam". Whatever we believ in deeply that gives us comfort and strength can be and is being used against us by opportunists who see vulnerability in our beliefs. Same as an adult sexually molesting a child by saying he loves the child. Lot of events unfolding now as regards the Catholic Church,events in the Middle East,fake tv preachers,etc. People are starting to ask questions. This is good.

#76547 - 04/22/02 07:18 AM Re: church molesting children is nothing new/history lesson
Broken Offline

Registered: 03/25/01
Posts: 273
Loc: Huntingtun Beach, CA, US
while i agree that the focus is on people, not what the beilive, i must tell you there is a scientifically tracible history for catholism and christianity. I read a book that explained that there was a mesiah every other day back then, and that jeesus was more like a guerilla fighter than a prophet. Most early evidence of the time shows that the jews were not expecting him to rise from the grave and deliver peace and love, they expected fiery retribution for romes treatment of the jews, those who followed him in particular. It wasnt until a few hundred years after that he convienently became a symbol of peacefull resolution to the jews discrimination. Rome fell because it was well on its way to hell long before jeesus was born. Its politics had degenerated and its leaders had become ineffectual. Much like america today, ironicly.

It was seen by rome as one of many political uprisings of the time, not a religious one, because they usually amounted to the same thing. The church actually has several documents they will not share with the general public that support these aruguments, and much worse.

If you think about it, catholosism needs a complete disregard for all logical thought and the physical eveidence supporting it to be truly believed. If you just take a glance at it and dont ask the questions you arent allowed, you are really subscribing to a system of brainwashing, because you are following the path of least resistance. No religion is an exuse for willful ignorence.

#76548 - 04/22/02 08:05 PM Re: church molesting children is nothing new/history lesson
fmighell Offline

Registered: 02/19/01
Posts: 276
Loc: Anchorage,Alaska
It is said that there is an electron so small, that it goes around atoms.
This electron is also what gives us our light, to see by. Millions or billions or how about trillion billions of them just to see a new morning or to have a nice day, even after the sun sets, more of those electrons keep on going all around us, and I haven't been able to see a single one of them my-self.
It is said that the wind is from one warm air front passing into a colder air front or with the cold air front passing into a warmer air front which I can't see what makes the wind blow the bed sheets that hang out-side on a clothes line to billow up and away into the air like a cloud in the sky.
It is said that in hospitals, that more people that have a faith in a higher power of their own understanding have recovered from their life-threating events, then those people that do not.
I learn not to trust people so easyly but having to ask God for help wasn't as easy also.
I know and remeber the lie's. I know and remeber being hurt phiscally and emotionly.
I know and remeber awaking from the edege's of death and listening to what I am to do.
I remeber waking up under the car that run over me, and the hand that pulled me out of the water when I was drowning.
I remeber waking up from chocking for air because I was used for another's pleasure.
After having twentyfive percent of my upper body, a cousin poring gasaline on me while asleep then awaking on fire, then running out of the house thinking it was on fire, for my life because the pain was starting to get through all my defense's of not feeling any pain, was getting so great.
I know how I lived through that event, no one else can tell me, or the serenity.
I know how I lived through my Dad tring to use a shotgun on us, no one else but God was there.
I know how I lived after Mr Fink tried to take me with him into the garage with his car still running.
I know how I lived after Mr Sternburg was through with me after violently sodomizing me in my own garage because his wife left him after I told her what he was doing with me, and no one, didn't do anything, not even my Dad or my brothers or my sister's, not even a hand from God stop this grown adult male from me, a thirteen year old boy.
Does that mean that there is no God, even Satain can say he wants to be God, I know there is a loving God and I'll say a paryer
for you.


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