The World is seeking closure, they poison mother nature, the Worlds number one terrorist suspect.
The authoritites are working flat out to find mother nature who hides behind typhoons, and whirlwinds etc.

She is the mother of all nature, and when she says I told you so, then that is the time to listen. Should you have listened 25yrs ago?
Carl Sagan, and eminent scientist warned us of hte perils of global warming!

Basically, the ice age has come around in cycles, and the cycle is overdue by thousands of years.
We are already seeing the eradication of water holes that animals tirelessly try to get to, only to find them dry!

Everything that happens on Earth comes back to it, one way or another.
From the weight to steer a bomb to its target with the weight contaning nuclear waste.

It ends up in the atmosphere for its World tour, and one day it may even rain on you

What goes around, comes around,


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!