Since i have 7 i was abused by a guy in this small town in Quebec, at 10 i was a sex slave to my Haunt .. in at 13 i was rape by my boss at my first job .. nobody help me.. event i took my father's gun to kill that last guy .. i couldnt shot him , the police just kill that story and keep it secret life was a mess ( drugs, prostitution, alcool) i clean up my act at 20 yo and without help .. today i have a great job ! but this nightmare is still there . i saw him 4 year ago .. i call the police and they just shut me up .. those guy's are still actif in this town .. but the City dont want to see the truth .. today i want to kill my self still .. i feel so lonly .. even with my new girlfriend i dont think she will understand my payne. but im still alive DM

Daniel Marc