I guess I was a real sad boy, I blamed myself for everything he did to me.
I guess I thought that I am just piece of crap that life throws out.

I cannot nor never will find closure on my abuse, it can never be that way.
It has hit so many corners of my life, and I guess I chose the wrong forum to write this shit.

I thought I was posting in spiritual forum, but guess its the way I feel right now.
I just guess I wish that nobody hurt him right now and he is hurting bad.

I have to get beyond hurt, but it is hard and really so hard to do.
How can anybody relate to the hurt of a ten yo boy who was abused.

I guess this bit is hard, but he always blames himself.
I wAas raped as a ten yo kid,


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!