I've been talking to derdlecar about ending the silence...so here it goes.
(Deep Breath)...
I was abused a couple of times...nothing long standing...but it affected me deeply and has affected my life.

Once was at summer camp: I was "punished" by being forced to lay down on a cold, linoleum floor with my pants pulled down. My bare genitals on the cold floor. I've remembered the name of the person who did this to me for all these years, but have done nothing to bring him to justice. (I have been looking for information on this person, and am 99% certain he is gay.)

A second abuse was by my best friend who asked me to suck/lick his penis. To maintain the friendship, I did it. But the friendship was forever changed after that, we drifted apart, and haven't spoken to each other in 25 years.

A third abuse was being followed home from college classes by a LARGE man, who was in some of my class sessons. He walked home with me, all the way to the step in my garage, and proceeded to make me VERY uncomfortable by taking me in his arms for an extended hug. It was terrifying.

Those are the main moments...but even that was enough to mess up my sexual boundries.

But at least I'm not silent about it.

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much
"Religion is for those afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who have already lived through it."