I often wonder if speaking out in positive ways can sometimes upset some people, yet at the same time, if I were a survivor coming to this site for the first time I would certainly hope to find stories of success. My intention is never to show someone I’m better then them or anyone else; recovery is not a competition. My intention is to say, “Incase you were wondering… you can heal from this.”

Most of the folks reading this never knew me when my avatar was a different picture, and the letters under my name were red and said ‘member’. So I wanted to make sure you understand this is coming from Curtis the survivor not Curtis from the Board of Directors. The reason I joined the Board is because MaleSurvivor helped me become the person I was meant to be and I have no idea where I would be without the organization… So I wanted to really give something back.

So what’s going on now? How has my life changed? Well, if you find the first survivor story I posted you can see how that article was from the heart and full of emotion. I was very happy to give that interview because it did help get the issue of male survivors out into the open but along with the happiness I spoke of; there was still an undercurrent of sadness.

The next post was all way over on the other side of happy… almost manic. Oh it was real alright and it all still holds true… but doing that much work and having to advertise it feels like it’s a little much to push on people. It even admits in the end there that I’m bragging a little.

These days I’ve found the middle way. I still like to let people know there is hope for healing, but I tend to keep the excitement in check. I mean, life is awesome and if anyone has any questions as to what worked for me I’d be glad to answer but otherwise I just assume curl up with a good book than stand on a roof top and scream to the world about how happy I am. Maybe I was just trying to convince myself eh?

I like who I am and if I can help someone like who they are then that’s even better.

Thanks for listening Gang.