This is a story of deceit. Not of raping the body but raping the mind, heart and soul of a child. The physical pain was not present but the pain within still remains.

I often wondered, and asked myself how my uncle knew me so well. He said everything perfectly and was able to lower my guard and answer my questions and concerns before they came to mind. He made it seem like everything he did was for me and about my feelings. He was a master at deception.

I was 14 years old, and I can remember the fear I felt when I walked in to buy a pack of cigarettes. The clerk had told me he couldn’t sell them to me anymore, that my uncle was mad that he was selling smokes to kids. I looked him straight in the eye and told him my mother’s brother was a drunk and that neither my mom nor my dad cares for the man. So why should I give a shit if he were mad or not. The clerk sold me the smokes.

1 week later, my uncle showed up at my house and invited me out to his home, telling my mom he had something for me. My friend, Nick also 14, and I jumped in. On the way to the house, Pete (my uncle) stopped by the bar and picked up 3 cases of beer and a carton of cigarettes. Getting back in the truck he handed us a pack of smokes each, saying that he was angry that we would do something behind his back, and that if we wanted to be treated like men we had to stand up and act like it. I gave him his cigarettes back and took out my own pack. He laughed.

When we arrived at his home he showed me his surprise, a 1962 Chrysler Newport, and for an 18-year-old car in was in great shape. He told me it was mine as soon as I turned 16, long as I put in the work it needed. He then handed Nick and I each a beer and told us to get busy. Within two hours we had it running and the engine sounded like brand new.

Pete came out telling us to get cleaned up for dinner, saying he had spoken with our parents and they agreed to let us stay the night. It was getting late and it was a long drive into town. Beside the fact Nick and I had just finished the first and were opening the second case of beer.

Pete showed us around the side of the house to the sauna. It was hot and waiting for us. He immediately stripped down and hopped in, Nick and I followed. Sitting in the heat and steam felt wonderful. When we had our fill of the sauna, we walked nude to the camper where we would be sleeping. He handed us each a towel and brought our clothes in to be washed. After dinner we sat up drinking most of the night, laughing telling stories and singing songs. To this day, hearing certain songs by Jim Crosse will bring tears to my eyes.

About 4:30 am, Nick said he had enough and went to bed. Pete and I sat up talking and as the sun started to rise, we walked around his very secluded yard in the nude. We picked and ate apples and looked over the garden, and slowly made our way back to the camper.

We found Nick sleeping soundly and being tired myself and headed to the back of the camper and laid down. Shortly afterward, Pete came back and laid down beside me. I pretended I was asleep. Slowly he moved closer, touched my stomach, then waist and then carefully wrapped his hand around my penis. This is how we laid together for what seemed like hours but as I look back it was only a couple minutes. Scared and not trying to let on that I was awake, I slowly pulled and turned away. I awoke a few minutes later to the feeling of his penis pressed against my butt and his hands once again holding tightly to my penis. Evan though I felt some fear, there was also the feeling of excitement and wonder. We woke early, by 8:00 am. And our clothes were clean, dry, and folded on the table for us. Pete said the next time we do this, he will need to be better prepared, for he had only drank wine and there was a total of two beers left out of the 3 cases. After breakfast, we took another sauna, got dressed and went back into town.

Two days later, Pete called and asked if I wanted to go camping with him and a few friends. I agreed and packed for the weekend. Pete picked me up around 10:00 am and we arrived at the campground around 12:30 pm. On the way he made what I considered small talk. He asked how I was enjoying the summer break and what other plans I had. We talked about girls and I let him know about the big crush I had on one named Paula. He asked me if I had ever been in bed with a girl and if I knew what to do. I sadly admitted ‘no’, he told me not to worry about that, and that he might be able to help out.

Now I knew, Pete worked as a bartender, and that there were rumors of a prostitute that lived upstairs of the bar. If anyone could set me up with her it would be Pete. He was the type of person that knew everyone and that seemed to be liked by everyone. Everyone seemed to cross floors to say hi, and greet him.

When we arrived at the campground, Pete and his friends went to the bar and I was left with plenty to drink and lots to eat in the campsite. After a couple hours, Pete came in and apologized saying that he had forgotten a few things back at his house and he needed to go get them. He asked if I wanted to stay at the party or go with him. Not wanting to be with people 3 times my age that I hardly knew, I went with him. On the way to his house, Pete pulled over and asked me to drive. He said he was a bit too tired and he knew I was an excellent driver for my age. He then brought up the small talk again. Asking about fishing, hunting, camping, sex, masturbation, and making all sorts of jokes about the subjects.

When we got to the house, he said it was getting to late to go all the way back and we should stay there the night. He poured me a brandy and we headed out to the sauna. While sitting there in the steam and heat, he soaped down his body and mine, and with a soft scrub brush, slowly rubbed down my entire body. Needless to say that with the alcohol, small talk, my age, and physical touch I found myself with an erection. He rinsed off our bodies and we went back in the house. He handed me a pair of sweat pants to wear. And we went back to lay down and take a nap.

Pete wasted no time. A few moments after we lay on the bed, he reached over and grabbed my crotch, and smiled. With his over hand he slowly rubbed my chest and then using both hands he pulled my sweats down. He looked at me and must have seen the fear in my eyes. He said, don’t worry it will be okay. He took my hand and placed it on his penis, then placed my penis in his mouth. After a few minutes, I can’t remember exactly how we switched but he was laying on his stomach and I was screwing him. I remember feeling excited, nervous, scared, and I hoped I was doing it right. I know when it was over, Pete told me to lay down. He said if it hurt too much he would stop and we would do over things instead. He tried to get my butt to relax so he could screw me, but after awhile he turned me over and placed his penis in my mouth. Then finished by jacking me off by hand. I can remember the joke he said, “Now that will help build up your arm muscles.”
After he ejaculated, and wiped off with a towel he had gotten from under the bed, he reached over and kissed my chest and then my mouth. I remember backing away from the kiss and he said it was okay and that he would no longer try to kiss my lips.

We lay in bed for about an hour, then got up, took another sauna, walked around the yard and house, worked on the car, drank beer smoked cigarettes, laid back down with each other, took another sauna, and then fell asleep in each others arms. The next morning, we put out clothes back on and went back to the campground.

I felt for the first time like I was loved and could be Loved by another. Our relationship lasted years before I found out that is was not the love I thought it was but just a game he played with many young boys in the area to get sex.

"Please love and protect all children, they are the future of us all!!"