I have a twin brother, three half brothers and a half sister. Our parents were away alot and involved in a lot of community organizaions which left us to baby sitters a lot of the time. One night our neighbor (I was nine and he was 8 yrs. older atleast) was hired to sit us and I went to bed that night a normal, untouched kid who played hard and loved to laugh but in one night everything changed. My twin brother and I were told to go to bed and we played games for a while making images in the shadows that come into our bedroom from the street light...eventually we fell asleep.

**********STRONG TRIGGERS FOLLOW************

I woke up with our neighbor's (Kevin)penis in my mouth. He was holding my head on and I couldn't breath... I was gaging and horrified and couldn't speak, yell or anything... my twin brother was sleeping soundly in the bed next to mine completely unaware of what was happening. Next Kevin pulled out and told me to not talk or tell, that he would kill me or hurt me real bad if I did. There was a stinky sweaty smell that he emitted and he again penetrated my mouth gaging me and hurting me as I struggled to breath until he ejaculated down my throat. He threatened me again, pulled up his underware and pants and left. I was sick to my stomach and thought he peed in my mouth. I thought I was going to die because I was poisened by him peeing in me. I fell asleep crying that night and many more nights afterward. I never knew at that point in my life that I had a penis or that anyone else did... I certainly didn't know that they got hard and erect and that anything else came out of one except pee. For days the happy, fun and hard playing little boy was sad, morose and stunned. My throat was raw and I could feel his penis everytime I swallowed for days. I tried clearing my throat constantly and drank glass after glass of water to wash it out. This was my first experience and one that led to almost countless others until I was 16 yrs old. This is the first time I have told my story to anyone except my wife and my T. I appreciate this site to be able to finally tell and get this out of me.

Not a very good bed time story, I know... thanks for listening.


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