Everyone been tellin me that writin bout flashbacks helps so i gonna try it.
I keep havin a flashback of when i tried gettin help. I was 13 n i jus couldn't take it anymore. it was n severyday thing. if it wasn't the bf then it was someone else n i jus couldn't take it. n my mom was gone at work n he was out pickin up another client 4 mee, go figure, n i was home alone watchin my sisters, n they were up playin up stairs. so i called the operator cuz we were livin in a small town in michigan n instead of 911 u call the operator. N i said i need 2 talk 2 a police man n she said is it n emergency n i said no n she said ok she send one. N i worried the bf b back before policeman come n five min. later i went 2 call back n someone knock on door n it was him, n i scared but happy n he say did someone call n i lokk at him n remember him from somewhere n the i remember him n he bad man n i get real scared n say i heard someone in back yard n he say is that all, what else u wanna tell me n i say that it n he say why u really call n i say cuz i babysittin n i thought someone breakin in n he say i no why u call n i say i jus call cuz noise n he go round back n come back n say noone there n if i ever call again he come back n take care of me n i say i no understand n he hit me upside head with button thing n then flashback start uuup aagaain n bbf cccome hhomee n ssay wwhy i ccall ppolice n ii sayy bbackyardd n hhe sayy noo, ii no whyy uu calleddd nn iit nnever hhappen aggoain nn hee he heeee hhurt meee nnn t