I don't know how ready I am for this but I'll try.

Lastnight after I posted in the Male Survivors forum I went to bed, I couldn't deal with the fact that I actually did that. That I've found this place.

A few years ago my mom dropped me off at this house for a week to stay with my uncle or a friend of the family who she called my uncle. I've had many encounters with him. He was really nice when I first got there, smiling at me and hugging me. The hugging didn't get weird until he called me out of my "room". He sat me on his lap and started telling me how special I was, and started to rub my back. I didn't like it but I couldn't move away from him. He started to touch me and I couldn't move away because I was so afraid. He took me in my room and than he did it. He forced himself in me, I kicked and scramed. I fought but it didn't work.

That nigth a bunch of his friends came over, I should have run away when I heard them. When I woke up after passing out I was thirsty and to get to the kitchen you had to walk through the living room. I started to come out of my room, I was shaking because I didn't want them to hurt me. One of them noticed me and he dragged me over to them. They all stared at me for a while in just my t shirt. I don't remember much after that except passing out and waking up at random moments. When I did wake up in the morning everyon else was gone except for him. He was lying on the floor with me. I tried to get up but everything hurt so much. He grabbed my thigh, and I realized I was naked. I whimpered and tried to get away but his grip only tightened. "Please" I whispered. He let go, I think he was still high or drunk. I cralwed to my room and stayed there as long as possible.

That was all that happened that weekend. I stayed in my room until he yelled at me to shower. I waited until he left to do so, I didn't want to take any chances.