I'll be posting a message under Male Survivors shortly.

I came here today because I wanted to share my story. I have written a Book and would like to offer anyone - that might be interested - to read my book online - give me some feedback and perhaps participate in my Blog. And I want to come here more often to learn - and to contribute too.

I learned of this site MaleSurvivor from my friend Dan in the UK. I know he frequents this site.

This is not an advertisement. I won't post a url - but you can learn of me via my email address.

I would like to read other Male Survivor stories. Only until 2004 did I realize that there were websites for Male Survivors.

Here is a quick synopsis of my situation. I hope that I haven't broken any rules by posting the following. If I have - then the following can be edited out and I can always re-phrase it.

My Story - An Inch From Murder was written 20 years ago this year and now is being brought to print for the very first time and deals with life as a Male Victim of Sexual Child Abuse. Drawing from the memory of past molestations from the age of four until sixteen, a trauma unfolded in adulthood profiling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The uncanning of the abuse by seven men (including Catholic Priests, a Policeman, close relatives and friends) resulted in the attempted murder of my latest assailant; the ensuing incarceration and the attempt now to bring the issues of Male Victimization into focus.

"I always thought that I would live a long life in order to tell my story. But after last years' diagnosis at 52 I doubt I'll have the strength to really tell what I need to say today at some later date. I learned in June 2004 that my Congestive Heart Failure-Cardiomyopathy had not improved and that I was in need of a Heart Transplant. I reminded myself of my pledge 20 Years Ago that 'If I Might Save One Person's Life' from the misery that I suffered by telling my story, by having someone read, that there is hope and recognition for the abused and that you Can Get Help before it's too late, then I truly will have accomplished something in my lifetime."

From 1984 through 1986 I experienced a life of fear in a maximum security prison in Connecticut and in the States' Mental Institution for the Criminally Insane. The Sample Chapters provided are not easy reading. I am going back to the notes that I made 20 years ago in many jail cells of 15 months and it is my task now to edit all that fresh information from then and place it in a concise form. It is painful to do this again but I must.

Kind regards,