I have not told anybody the full story of what happened when I was 13 yrs. old which lasted 3 years. I was walking thru town with a neighbor and we came across his friend who ended up becoming my scoutmaster. I could be mistaken but I believe he lured me to him. We went up to the scoutmaster's (Bob) apt. and were just chatting when all of a sudden they both started performing oral sex on each other. I sat there and was just in shock, I was just learning about the thought of sex. When they finished my neighbor just got up and left me there. Then he seduced me into doing oral on me. I remember how good it felt and for the next three years continued by enticing me with gifts, road trips, movies, etc. He was always pestering me to have anal sex but there was no way, he was too big and I was too small. He told me that he did it to me in my sleep twice and showed me pictures of at least 4 other scouts he was doing it to. He is presently in jail for the 2nd time for his actions. I wish I could have told someone but I was ashamed of excepting his attention which was not available at home.
I started working and got a girlfriend and out grew him.
I seem to get more angry as time goes on, I began having several girlfiends at a time and continued to up to a couple of years ago. I am barely a functional alchohic presently and have been self destructive for the past 8 years. 3 failed marriages, 2 bankrutcies, health issues.
It has been 30 yrs. now and I have had 8 yrs. of counseling and I don't know how to overcome this. Thanks for listening. Thomas