I'm not exactly sure why I'm posting this, although I think there may be a couple of reasons.

1. Posting this helps me validate that this happened to me and that someone listened to what I had to say, but other MS folks will listen and understand.

2. One of my obsessive habits is to do online searches for my abuser (I bet that sounds familiar to a few folks). The good news is I don't do it everyday anymore, it's more like once a week now. I know others do the same thing, and if they find their way here by following my links then that helps another brother.

I just found this clip from the Albert Fentress hearing in '02. I testified in the beginning of the week, and this clip is from when one of my buddies (didn't know he was a friend at the time) came forward as well.

You'll need Real One Player to watch and the there may be some triggers.

Thanks for listening you guys.

Albert Fentress news clip