This is Little Scot.

Scot told me that I need to tell someone about this, because it hurt me so much. Not as bad as the other stuff, but I still hear it, and we both have nightmares about it.

I hid this from him for a long time, and now he knows about it. I feel so bad, but I know he couldn't handle it until he was ready. Scot says that you can't be ready for things like this, I guess he's right, but he's so much stronger than I was. I just want to make it right because I let this stuff happen and it hurt him.

Mr. Price had me meet one of his friends during our "dad/son" trips. He said he was a friend and they wanted to play a game with me. His friend acted really nice at first. I thought it was our secret, but Mr. Price said it was okay and he understood about us. I don't know the name of the other man, but I call him the Badman. You'll see why in a minute.

Mr. Price and the Badman said they wanted to play a game called "prisoner." I had to be the prisoner and there was going to be some scary stuff, but it would be okay because it would all be pretend. Mr. Price said it would be okay, and that he's be with me the whole time. He brought his camera. Mr. Price and the Badman tied me up and gagged me and put me into the back of Mr. Price's car. The Badman sat in the back with me, and he started to sound real mean. he said that I better do what he said because I was his prisoner.

They drove me to the Badman's house, I guess and he shoved me through the garage and into some room in his house. He took off my clothes and tied me to a post standing up. The Badman said I tried to escape and now I had to be searched. He put his finger in me, just like Mr. Price did once, but he did it really hard and rough. I tried to yell, and the Badman told me to shut up, that I was bad and I was going to be punished. I even started getting big and he called me a dirty little slut because I liked it. I didn't! I didn't want to be hurt like that.

The badman spanked me with a belt or something and it really hurt. He hurt me and I was scared, and Mr. Price didn't DO anything! He took PICTURES and looked like he was liking it, the way the man was hurting me. The Badman called me all kind of names, and they were so bad! "Fat little cunt, worthless bitch," they all hurt! He untied me and made me suck on him and swallow his stuff. It was the only time I could talk and I asked him not to hurt me. The Badman threw me down and told me to shut up. I shouldn't look at him because I was only a dirty slut and he was better than me.

I just kept crying and the badman put the gag back on. I tried to stand up and he threw me down and told me to crawl like the little pig I was. He just kept pushing and shoving me. He shoved my head down and put his thing between my legss and kept pushing it between my legs. Mr. Price started getting scared, I think, and tried to pull the Badman off me. The Badman shoved me down again and tried to kick me hard, but Mr. Price stopped him. I just lied there and cried. Mr. Pricve and the Badman started fighting and the badman threw a bunch of money at Mr. Price. He PAID Mr. Price to hurt me! I felt so bad.

Mr. Price was very nice to me. He took the gag off and helped me put on my clothes. He got the Badman to say he was sorry (he really wasn't. i can tell) and drove me back to his house. He said that he was really sorry, that he didn't know the Badman would do someof those things and he wouldn't keep the pictures, he's burn them. Mr. Price did do that, and checked to see if I was really hurt. He and I slept in his bed for a while, and it felt so good, like he was really cared.

He didn't. He hurt me. he let the badman hurt me.


Was I really as bad as they said? Was I a little bitch?

Why did they do that?

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.


Little Scot

There are reasons I'm taking medication. They're called "other people." - Me, displaying my anti-social tendancies