I am not sure this is where I should post this or not. I have shared this letter with a few of the regulars in the chat room.

My uncle died back in April, 1990. In April, 2000, ten years to the day, I was able to place this on his grave site. Writing and delivering this helped me find peace in my mind.
My hope is that in showing you this, it may help you in some small way.
FYI, Pete was his nick-name not his real name.

God Bless You All!!!!!!!!!!


I have hoped and prayed that your soul finds rest and love now that you are no longer in this world. I have asked God the Father to look after you and show you the love you need. I want you to know I am done praying for you. God knows the feelings in my heart, and if He feels you deserve it, He will show you his love and compassion.
In my heart there is still pain, feelings of betrayal and discust. You robbed me of so many dreams and so many years of happiness. For so long, the touch of another person sent me into a state of distress. Even the loving, soothing kiss of my soul mate, my wife, found a way of being misread. When you touched me so many years ago, I found myself wanting to run. I did not run. I wanted to find the love I needed, the love I thought you could provide for me.
When I look back on the sex we shared, I know how it happened. I was fourteen years old and searching for my place in this world. You appeared before me, and like a cunning animal, you befriended me, you acted like you cared, you pretended to love me, but instead you hurt me. You made me believe the sex we shared was good. I was longing to be touched, to be loved, to be excited, and you used those feelings of pleasure against me. You made me want more and more llike an addictive drug, I could not get enough. You played your games with me and my heart, you broke down my willpower and my ability to say no.
I am no longer fourteen years old, I am thiry-three. That boy you stole and hurt, for seven long years, is alive in me. He is able to dream, be happy, and to love others.

So, Pete, for the last time I pray,
"May God have mercy on your soul."

"Please love and protect all children, they are the future of us all!!"