...I turned 56 years old on April 1st. Never thought I'd live this long. It's a miracle I'm still breathing. Well,how to say it? Does'nt take much imagination. I lived thru 'implied' then 'real' (physical) incest. Of the two,implied was worse for there was no resolution. I was left thinking myself insane,having imagined it all. So it was a relief when mom finnally came to my bedroom instead of calling me to her's. It's been interesting,watching things change over the last 45 years. First,there was no information. Then came the 70s and there was some information. Then the 80s and it seemed everyone on the planet (especially Hollywood) had been molested. Here we are now and it's pretty much the same. I'm an old timer born in 1946. Before therapy. Before political correctness. I dealt with what happened using WW2 mindset,character. Think Japs doing a Pearl Harbor on me. You can imagine my response. Utter obliteration of the enemy. Adults who get their rocks off screwing children are on my shit-list. Think John Wayne in "The Shootist". Tinfoil won't hesitate either.