Hello out there:
I never knew that being abused by two women at a young age of 8 would have such an impact on everything I do.

I grew up in a household of 5 older sisters and me (the only male) being the youngest. When I was about 8 years old. My fourth oldest sister wanted to ask me to teach me how to kiss. I played along thinking it was something every young boy should learn from your older sibling. Although it didn't stop there. One day my sister (the same one) came into the basement with a friend her same age. From what I remember they were going through pubic phase so they were around twelve years of age. They asked me to perform a very close action to oral sex however it was my chin. Getting aroused I definitely thought this was a good thing. Unfortunately later in life knowing that they robbed a young boy of his trust in them was what they really did. That and in the future I don't believe we had any further sexual relations.
28 years later I'm here now. Since then I realized I put women into two categories, along with having a pattern. I date a womam then have a woman on the side. Interesting most males do this anyway so I thought it would be normal. I soon found out that it wasn't just directly to my testosterone talking...I would get intimate with a woman, sort of put her on the pedestal, then have a very physical relationship with another woman on the side, that I didn't care much about. Fortunately I didn't do this when I was married but I found that my wife (now x) couldn't have a physical relationship with.
Interesting you say, I'm pissed! This incident cripled me for quite some time and still does. Me being robbed of my trust and having that happen to me has and done it's damage. My concern now is how do I recover?

Now I'm obsessed with trying to recover. I've been separated 18 months and I've been dating but it seems to go the same pattern. I'm confused, I'm upset and I need to understand more...I will write more in the future...
I would enjoy hearing from some people because I dearly want to recover....I need to share...