I have only read a couple of stories, but it seems there is some confusion on what survivors are supposed to go through and what they are not supposed to go through. I am not a psychologist, but I do know this, male or female, there is no set list of pain, or suffering that is acceptable or normal. Whatever you feel or whatever you are going through is important, and you should never feel embarrassed or ashamed for feeling that way. I have been raped twice in my life so far, and every day I feel something different. I have cried for years now, sometimes for no reason at all, hell I cry when I watch The Lion King. I am not the only one to feel all this pain, there are some days when I feel pain that I never knew could exist. It has changed my life and dreams in a way that I question every day why I wake up and why I go to bed. This might not apply to everyone, but there are going to be some people in your life that just either won't or can't deal with this happening to someone they know and love. This will always be this way, because you cant possibly know what it is like to be raped unless it happens to you. This doesn't mean that people can't be supportive and help out, but they will not accept it. That is it for now, I am new to this site, but will keep checking it out. And it is O.K. to cry, the macho thing just doesnt work for rape. I played Ice hockey for most of my life, that can be considered a "manly sport" but I cry alot. Oh well, later.