Insert an appropriate word for "Baby" of your choice "you perp" worked for me!


You like to think
That youíre the only one who understands my needs
And you tell everyone
That I canít live without you even for one day
But who gave you the right
To talk about the way I feel so deep inside

Now I realize
You were never mine
We were never right
(Baby) you will find

I will survive
Iím gonna make it through
Just give me time
I will get over you

I will survive
No matter what you do
Just wait and see
I will get over you

Cause (Baby) I will survive

What makes you think
That I donít see the ways you made a fool of me
Donít laugh behind my back
Cause what goes around I promise you comes back

In all of time and space, there is but one you and one me...