..somebody holds the key. And I'm wasted and can't find my way home.
note: My battered brain latched ahold of this when it was first released. Back during the late 60s as I recall. Only recently have I heard it's a Jesus freak song. It was never that to me. It was about family. My family died when mom molested me when I was 12 years old in 1958 and I returned to my bedroom,kept asking myself "What just happened?". First time I heard "But I can't find my way home" it knocked me senseless. For I could not go home. Not ever. Home is a house where there's a family. You know. Mom,pop and the kids. My family died. Nothing to go back to. I was 12 years old. It was 1958. The adults were playing their foolish games. I could only divorce myself from it all. Stand at a distance witnessing the carnage pretending like everything's perfectly normal. I never did find my way home. Never will.