This book was one of the things included in my membership packet when I joined MS.

Small & slightly dated (1994, 2nd ed.), it shares Hank's story & helpful words for male survivors in a question & answer format in which he does a good job of blending personal story & practical tips for others.

The list of resources, tho again slightly dated, is still a good one.

Hank talks about perpetration by male & female, family & non-family perps, how the abuse affects us even into adult life, getting support, breaking silence, confrontation, dealing with holidays & family get-togethers, advocacy, and more.

Estrada's words are personal & to the point.
A case in point, from pp 21 & 22:

"If you have a drug or alcohol dependency, or compulsive behavior problems like eating, masturbation, or promiscuity, these addictions need to be controlled before the sexual abuse recovery process begins. These addictions/behavior
are serious obstacles to recovery. They tend to limit physical and emotional capacities for change."

Agree or disagree, this paragraph alone is very-thot provoking, and for me motivating.

What do some of the rest of you think? Whether you've read the book or not?...


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