I'm reading this book called "Blindness" by Jose` Saramago. He won the Nobel prize for literature with it I think. I'm not done yet, and I'm trying to think of the best reason why any of you might like to read it. Wait, I'm no good at trying to sell people books or trying to make them understand my rationalizations. I like this book, that's all. I'd give a synopsis but, I wouldn't want to take any part of the book away from someone who was gonna read it...
I just realized something kinda amazing: with every phrase I type and idea I attempt to record, I want to destroy the whole thing more. Seriously, this post has become kind of a test now. I wonder how much I can communicate before part of me scares me to death and I erase what I've written and burn what I've drawn.
Obviously I have not erased this if you are reading it (consider yourself lucky, or cursed).
I've had a craving to write a book for a long time and it's really hard to get started or take the idea seriously when every sentence you write makes you want to gouge out the eyes of anyone to save them from having to read it. It's hard to talk when you believe that people would rather you puke in their face than utter a clever thought to them. It's harder when you begin to believe them, and would volunteer to have your face puked on, than subject them to the horror of your mind.

So yeah, it's a good book so far.

I think I'm gonna get myself a typewriter.

- John_

In the name of the Anger, and of the Sadness, and of the Unholy Fear. Amen.