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#7381 - 09/19/01 11:06 PM In Sorrow

I'm very sorry to hear of the terrorism in New Yoke.
I'm still speechless with shock and sorrow.
Earnestly hope that all of you are safe.


#7382 - 09/19/01 11:40 PM Re: In Sorrow
Thad Offline
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Thank you for your concern, Kurotake
Those of us here in the U.S. feel grateful for the support that has been expressed by the rest of the world. Your personal note is warmly received - thanks for your concern. It has been, of course, a great shock to us and has for the first time for most of us made us feel vulnerable in all parts of the country. For many survivors it triggered deep feelings of insecurity since not feeling safe is a common symptom of sexual abuse. The support for each other on that horrible day and in the posts has helped me personally to deal with this difficult time. Thank you, again for your concern and support. ....thad

"..this place isn't a discussion's a portal..." Lupin
"The truth will set you free, but first it will probably piss you off." dwf's AA sponsor.

#7383 - 09/20/01 06:45 PM Re: In Sorrow

Thank you for your concern and support, Kurotake! Is is heart-warming to know that you and many others around the world are with us in thought and prayer. I know that we will get through this tragedy and be OK. We must move on with our lifves and not allow the terroritst to win by bowing to fear, etc. They may kill some of us, but they will not destroy America and the ideals for which it stands.

Thanks again for your support, Kurotake!


#7384 - 09/21/01 01:08 AM Re: In Sorrow

Boy, if there were ever a time when we need friends, this is it! Certainly one of the wonderful blessings from these recent tragedies is the outpouring of love and sympathy from our friends around the globe. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


#7385 - 09/21/01 05:22 AM Re: In Sorrow
Just Call me J Offline

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Loc: Inland Empire, California
Kurotake, thank you so much for your compassion and sympathy. When we share our pain, the whole load gets lighter. Your post (very simply) highlights how this tragedy was of very human proportions, not of national or religious ones.

I know that I've made an impact in this group, simply with my .sig line "We're in this together."

I feel that the connections are much wider than just between people, in the same situation. I've been able to draw parallels between just about every major tragedy in my life, and they have all helped me to heal from other, less-related trials. My ordeals, are the same as your ordeals, and we should recognize that the goals of healing, don't change much, regardless of the challenge.

I had become quite the expert in grief, through more losses than I care to count right now. I had sought out counseling about 3 years ago, because of my cousin's suicide. And while my therapist and I talked about my parents, and their discipline, I got really defensive and had such a dramatic bout of anxiety at the end of the session, I was confused.

A few years later, I remembered that experience, as I attempted to draw together the clues of my abuse. And it contributed to my breakthrough.

While attempting to help a suicidal friend a few weeks back, I was confronted with the limits of my strength, and ability to help others. I had a very powerful insight from the movie "Fight Club" (check out that series of posts in the movie area). The importance of facing the truth, no matter how ugly it may be, came out of this.

That lesson helped me to deal with my best friend, still trudging through the death of her girlfriend. We discussed her issues, as well as mine.

As she questioned me about stuff, I delved into other areas, and I discovered another breakthrough regarding my abuse. But I didn't have much time to digest that, since I woke up to tragedy in NY, Washington, and Penn.

But over these very harrowing weeks, I've learned many lessons of humility, love, and strength.

Those serve as the basis of my current thoughts. I want to share those lessons with others. At least, to help you ask the questions to yourself, that will lead to your own healing.

Socrates once said (through Plato) that "The unexamined life is not worth living." My life feels very much worth living, and so I examine it, always seeking a deeper truth about myself, and to become a better person.

I hope that we will all see just how interconnected all these things are. Every life on earth is precious. How can we go about showing that? By doing whatever you can, to help your fellow man, woman or child.

I feel like I'm losing my focus now, so I'll end this letter now. It's been a long day.

We're in this together.


We're in this together. - Nine Inch Nails

#7386 - 09/22/01 02:16 AM Re: In Sorrow


You are so right...we are all interconnected. We need one another, and the sooner we figure this out, the greater the potential for real peace.

Thanks for your helpful and thought-provoking posts, Jeremy.


#7387 - 09/25/01 09:25 AM Re: In Sorrow

Thank you for everybody's posting.
I'm very happy to talk with so many people here.
I believe America will overcome this tragedy.
I express my condoleuces over the death of many people.
Again I hope all of you are safe, and I wish peace of the world.

from JAPAN


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