Reflection on eras of time Generations
1950’’s to the 70's 70's to 00’s
is for a younger dude.

Is not being a male abuse survivor fun?
This is a rant and rave
Need to take a break…

Granted much still is not great but as we have so many of different ages here are my 2 cents worth. I realized that I know squat about 2005 gay abuse issues.

Hey, it is a learning process here.

1950’s into the 60’s

Don’t ask and don’t tell. One really does not want to recall this era
“change of shift” the times when the cops were changing shifts were safest.
teens had few options, very few and all with risks. Like I have said one expected
some trouble but we were looking for it. Being gay was a crime.

The 1960’s were dreadful and terrifying! Being gay in the early and middle 60’s was simply
a trip through hell, sort of like being a deer in hunting season. One deserved whatever he found. Besides as with the fifties few if any prosecutions of adult on boy abuse. Unless you were dead the police could care less. Being gay was against the law but having Johnny pull his pants down to get paddled was legal. Nobody cared and they knew.

Before 1969, really 1971 gay teen was doomed by circumstance. It was certainly no harder than any time since but being gay in 60-’65 was dismal.

No college gay associations
No gay community centers
Prospects of getting arrested were good
No gay books or bookstores unless you went to NYC or SF
There were a few careers for gays: hairdresser, masseur, FBI Director,
Mafia owned the gay bars (for sure)

Teens floated in a world full of rituals and strange meeting places, used a series
looks, dress and such. Many a kid was “homeless” as Dad tossed the fairy out.
But by the 73-75 era there were options in major cities.
In 1960-68 one was lost as to dating a fellow teen. It was unbelievably lonely.

1969 the first Gay action that got good press “Stonewall” We have guys here that were part of that.

The 1970’s were at times dreadful but they were also fun
a bar for every type!

Regretfully that meant “chicken hawks” could flock together if you are younger
I’ll tell you that this is a man who preys on youth. Serial molesters.
They did not in the early 70’s always go after the “gay community” but targeted
less informed youth. In other words they did not show up at a club that catered
to 18-21 year old gays nor a local park, as they would be not well received.
They eventually crawled back under the rocks from whence came from.

I have no idea where they flock nowadays. Cyberspace I guess and from what I see it is full of tools for seducing little boys. Guess the seminaries are no longer havens?

These bastards took many of the men who post here. I knew what they were
as one got me years before. A few of these types now meet each other in prison and treatment programs.

60-70’s continued:
Gay teens could actually meet other gay teens and ot as in the 60’s

Up until the early 1970’s they actually sold “pedo” books in adult bookstores
both hetero and gay themed.

What a book by a gay? An entire section in a bookstore?
A few colleges started having gay associations
One could enter a gay bar and not have to worry about cops raiding the place.

Gay Pride
The late 70’s: Disco or die

One has to be about 60 to recall the early 60’s and being just 50 puts one at the dawn of the Gay Movement: 1969. Oh I wished I were born at least in 1955. But WTF who knows if Catholic schools are safe yet?

Way to many martyrs and then HIV.

A classmate hustled for the $. He was first abuse victim I met who was gay. He was one screwed up guy. He had to drop out of college due to his arrest record for prostitution, etc.
He was crushed as he was in nursing school in Denver. He also had a bust for some sort of
violation to pick up a Denver undercover cop for sex (no money), what we call dating now.
Met him a few years later at the GCC and he was back in school some legal aid had taken
his cases over. All I had to do was attend a “coming out class” but no, stupid. He learned about SA there. I had to wait another two decades. He was an activist type. Know we have some here. I did nothing for gay rights until years later, as I was 1. Afraid of all and the dark 2. Dreadfully so fearful of cops. Seen men really worked over in the early sixties.