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#73179 - 04/21/05 01:30 AM Re: Gay men and sexual abuse
firechad Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 04/11/05
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Loc: nc
this may make no sense so be warned

first off the gay community thing is just another way of seperateing gays and str8 so i wont go there

as far as young guys dateing older guys ya its a thrill you want the older guy to teach ya and you want the bragging rights that go along with it not that i am saying its right but that how it is , just like a young guy going after an older woman or a young lady going after an older guy its wrong but then brings the point of what makes the age differances acceptable? if a 17 girl dates a 23 yr old guy it ok but if a 17 yr old boy dates a guy 23 its abuse personally i think its just another form of bashing its "ok for str8 not gay " now im not saying its ok say the boy was 15 and guy was 23 thats too young and thats a kid whos still learning in life (not that one ever stopps learning)now as an older guy i personally would never get close to a guy much younger then me not attacted to that . My main point is "why do older gays seek younger gays" or vice versa . Well maybe because the younger gays are scared to be out and want someone to love and except them and alot of times kids their own age will make it to difficult for them in their lives , as for an older guy is excepting has been in the situation and will give the younger the attention or whatever else may be felt that is needed for the younger kid, now the older guy want the younger basically because the younger lacks experiance wants the older guy there giveing the older guy a rush.
personally have not know many guy who will or would date a teenager basically because its robbing them of a childhood when they should be discovering their life with pll their own age

#73180 - 04/28/05 09:51 AM Re: Gay men and sexual abuse
Kenn Offline

Registered: 07/10/04
Posts: 146
Loc: Toronto, Canada
(Self-edited some punctuation \:o )

Very interesting topic, Danny!

The very first time I identified, as abuse, what I had previously rationalized as an unfortunate "coming of age" story I was met with a mixture of reactions.

It was in the context of a workshop called "The AIDS Mastery" that I attended in 1990 shortly after I was diagnosed HIV-positive. One of the homework assignments was to write a story from our childhood. As I wrote, and then read, my story the power of what had happened to me those many years ago was seen in a whole new light. No one, gay or straight, deserves to be treated the way I was, as a 12 or 13-year old - especially by a guy three, maybe four, times older.

Whether or not HE was gay - and he certainly did not seem to be, as I recall - sex between someone as old as he was and someone as young as I was is completely wrong and - as I only identified doing that workshop assignment - is completely abusive!

To get back to your topic, however, the range of reactions from others at the workshop was quite something. Participants were not all gay men, nor were they all HIV-positive. Some were family members (male and female), straight men, etc.

While I do not wish to indict the entire group of gay men there I can honestly say that, by a 4 to 1 ratio, it was the women and straight men who reached out to me with concern about what I had just identified as having been sexual abuse.

The reaction from most of the gay men could be summed up as "Well, who among us can say that ALL of our sexual experiences have been good ones?"

Unfortunately my illness trumped whatever work I could have done on the s.a. for several more years until, as I have posted here at other times, the trauma of being hit by a car two years ago reawakened all previous trauma - particularly the sexual abuse which, after that first incident, continued as serial cruising through my teens and twenties and, ultimately, led to my becoming HIV-positive and nearly dying a few years after that workshop. (My God, I'll never be a successful writer if I continue to write such long sentences \:\) )

Long story a little bit shorter, last year I picked up "Victims No Longer" again, found you folks at, and set out on a journey of therapy and support that has been the most healing and self-compassionate phase of my life.

While I have experienced the gay "community" at its very best, especially when I was dying like so many of my friends who have gone before me, I have also experienced it at its most shallow, body-worshipping worst.

Today I find myself identifying more with survivors, regardless of their sexual orientation, and less with gay men solely because of theirs.

Maybe, I hope one day, I will be ready for intimacy with a gay guy.

For now, I am finding my way in a very caring world of survivors.



"This above all; to thine own self be true."

William Shakespeare, Hamlet

#73181 - 04/28/05 06:19 PM Re: Gay men and sexual abuse
LostinPA Offline

Registered: 04/04/05
Posts: 120
Loc: Lancaster, PA
The last phrase I read on Ken's post really hit me hard. "Maybe one day I will be ready for intimacy" that is my struggle being a gay man and having been alone for over 2 decades because the abuse that happened to me makes me fear others motives. I want intimacy but reaching out scares me still. When and how to you find away through all that confusion? I guess what I am saying is ..... How do you begin to trust again?


#73182 - 05/30/05 06:21 AM Re: Gay men and sexual abuse
puppy Offline

Registered: 05/28/05
Posts: 129
Loc: earth
amen to that. in my experience, it seems that most gay men dont understand the concept of sexual abuse. it is almost a 'right of passage' or something, to have sexual involvement with an older man when youre young. abuse is somehow eroticised and i think its pretty disturbing. there is nothing sexy about a child being raped.


#73183 - 05/30/05 08:52 PM Re: Gay men and sexual abuse
RockyMtJoe Offline

Registered: 08/11/04
Posts: 97
Loc: East of Pueblo, Colorado
Some day?

Got a "trigger" from another posting about some young man reflecting on getting abused by an Army Sgt. There goes me at 18 or so a long time ago
believing that after all I was in the Army and "safe". I did turn the bastard in via a letter when I was in Vietnam, the head nurse (Major) wrote me back that he was leaving the Army, I was ticked because he did not go to Vietnam. I would have loved to meet him in the jungle. Hate is a real problem. I got over it which leads me to this thread. I always believed I had some sort of invisable sign on my back saying "I am easy, abuse me"

Seems dating is a lost art for many of the folks out there. It was so hard in college and after to get a gay friend to do things that did not have some sort of hidden sexual goal. I got active in such as a gay community center, did find a "better" class of men. Started dating girls, that depressed me more, as in college word got out I was "harmless" useless in bed, etc. Lucky for me I
spent a while "dating" lesbians at work. We covered each other for social events, etc. Then I woke up and realized that I wasted a lot of years
due to my avoiding reality.

I view older men who "date" young women as I view most gay intergenerational stuff. It was from women, and gay women that I found any support. The transgender folks seemed to be a bit more honest about CSA but it still is not a message topic
in the American gay world.

One should not waste decades of life trying to avoid as I did. One day you wake up and realize that. Men should have a warning label printed on them, young men should know it is a jungle out there just as it is for teen girls. One day you grow up and you have lost that teen pretty boy looks. Just my thoughts, I always hated my looks and lean tall body. When I was 12-13 it was bad, and by 21 I was still a victim and into my 30's.

This just fogs my brain


#73184 - 05/31/05 08:21 AM Re: Gay men and sexual abuse
unbreakable Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 05/30/05
Posts: 7
Loc: USA

#73185 - 06/05/05 10:03 AM Re: Gay men and sexual abuse
aleksander Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 05/27/05
Posts: 3
***********Possible Triggers**********

This is my first post on any Discussion Board on this site. I feel compelled to respond to this topic to further my own understanding of this site and it’s unique personality. My primary interest in responding to this topic is to generate further discussion on this topic, particularly among the site leadership, since the originator of the thread is both a Moderator and a member of the Board of Directors and since others who are Board members have commented and since I know that Site Administrators and other Moderators are reading all that is written here. While it’s not usually my style to reveal my intentions too early, I’ll be quite forthright here: I’m looking to discover what type of “experience, strength and hope” is available to be shared with newcomers, assuming, of course, that Moderators, Board members, and Administrators [the leadership team of this site] are well advanced in their own personal recoveries and also that many of them are likely to be involved in professions that support their recovery efforts.

My personal experiences in the world have shown me that human beings are inherently good, however, they are also inherently flawed to varying degrees. The more narrowly one creates subsets of mankind, the more one tends to find certain specific character traits and the effects of those traits on the lives of the individuals. But simply examining a narrow subset of mankind, or even belonging to such a subset, does not give one the automatic right to be narrow in their thinking. This I learned the hard way: I graduated from a small-town high school in the southern part of the US the year that news of a “gay cancer” in NYC began to hit mainstream publications and the immediate reaction of society caused the tiny crack in my closet door to get slammed shut for almost a decade. I became, virtually overnight, one of those “self-loathing homosexuals” that extreme gay advocates love to bash. After almost twenty years of learning about myself, my “community,” my sexuality and, most importantly, the history of gay people throughout the last 4,000 years, I learned that my narrow thinking only punished myself and any others that I may have been skillful enough to indoctrinate. As a result, I feel that I lost almost all of the best part of my 20’s to fear and misunderstanding, and have only now begun to gain the proper balance to enjoy life as I pass through my late 30’s. I have also learned that I have an obligation to speak out against narrow views, especially when those narrow views are firmly held by powerful people and are loudly proclaimed to be the “truth.”

Now, to the topic:

The manner by which this extremely controversial issue, the gay community’s failure to adequately support anti-child sexual abuse efforts, was introduced and discussed left me with so many questions that I cannot begin to offer a reply to the topic without asking at least some of them:

1. What is your “gay community”? [The last time I was proud of the gay community was in the early 1980’s when activists were educating all people on the truth about AIDS and using their opportunity at the podium to simultaneously attempt to dispel so many of the myths about gay people. Since then, I feel more like the emigrant author Bruce Bawer on the whole idea of grouping us together based on our sexual preference.]
2. Is this really an issue for the gay community to address, when we have so many other pressing concerns that are more likely to be successfully addressed in the various legislatures and the court of public opinion? [Did you miss the witch-hunts of the American 1980s, spawned by hysteria about the sexual abuse of children? Have you forgotten the McMartin case in California and the case in Edenton, NC, to name only two? The hysteria was driven, in part, by power-mad mid-level mental health professionals who, using extremely coercive techniques, got pre-school age children to recover memories of abuse that never occurred; then, these same “professionals” managed to become paid prosecution witnesses and even got multi-million dollar federal grants to further their efforts. Any attempt by gay people to discuss anything related to minors immediately creates the most sinister resurgence of the myths that label us as serial molesters and recruiters.]
3. What is your definition of a “child” or a “juvenile” or a “teen” as these terms are used throughout your post? [In my part of the US, one can get married at 12 (under very special circumstances), have consensual sex outside of marriage at 14, get a driver’s permit at 15, a license at 16, smoke tobacco at 17, enlist in the military at 17, sign contracts at 18, and drink alcohol at 21. These arbitrary restrictions notwithstanding, a “child” can be any age, since they will always be the child of their parents, deceased or living! A nineteen-year-old is still, by definition, a “teen” but he is legally an adult in all parts of the US. The word “juvenile” denotes a legal de>

#73186 - 06/05/05 01:29 PM Re: Gay men and sexual abuse
ShyBear Offline

Registered: 02/08/05
Posts: 149
Loc: The American South
I wish to clearly state that all my "red flag" warnings are going off as to your authenticity. This is not a site for arid, "Ivory Tower" hair-splitting over the definition of terms; rather, it's an arena in which each of us gets down in the mud to wrestle with our personal demons, supported by other guys who've been there too. Perhaps you really are a male survivor seeking peer support, but if that's the case, you have made the worst possible first impression. Here's why :
I became, virtually overnight, one of those “self-loathing homosexuals” that extreme gay advocates love to bash.
What does your caving in to fear have to do with the very real existence of self-loathing closet cases that *deserve* to be "bashed" ? Are you playing victim here ?
2. Is this really an issue for the gay community to address ...
Dude, where do you think you are ? This is NOT a discussion board for gay politics, it's support group for SA survivors.
Any attempt by gay people to discuss anything related to minors ...
So, we should just ignore attitudes within the gay community that foster the shame & silence of survivors, for fear of what some petty bureaucrats think ?
An accurate, working definition of “child” is a mandatory prerequisite for any discussion of issues affecting “children.”
Bullshit. The definition of "child" will vary with each man here, but the common denominator is the damage done. Some 12 year old boys can handle ongoing sex with older boys/men without harm, while some 17 year old young men are profoundly damaged by one or a few abusive incidents. And this is where you start sounding like a self-justifying pedophile.
they all fail miserably when asked if there are any gray areas that might be open to interpretation.
That's because you are trying to generalize the entire subject so you can then callously disect it. Yes, in *general* there are probably gray areas, but to one individual the boundaries violated are *quite* clear and behaviors that were/were not acceptable are starkly black or white.
5. What is your definition of an “abuser” or a “perpetrator” ...
If you had been abused, you'd know. This quote is the one that makes me suspect you the most, as it especially smacks of self-justification.
“Are your stated positions, and the stated positions of other posters, the result of rigidly-held beliefs that facilitate your individual recoveries from abuse OR are your stated positions representative of your views on life in the real world?”
WTF *difference* does it make, dude ? We are *not* college freshmen riddled with existential angst about our philosophy of life, we are VICTIMS OF VIOLENT CRIME WHO HAVE SUFFERED PROFOUND EMOTIONAL DAMAGE AS A RESULT ! Do you GET that ?!?!?!
I know from personal experience that recovery programs suggest, and sometimes even require, that participants allow themselves to be beneficially indoctrinated into a recovery-specific belief system that tends to replace a harmful belief system present prior to recovery;
You are confusing recovery from addictive behavior in a 12 Step program with recovery from sexual abuse. The 12 Step programs (one of which I proudly belong to) do indeed use techniques that could be interpreted as "indoctrination"; however, I think recovery from SA is much less clearly defined. I say this because most of us suffer from PTSD but the *specific* traumas vary widely and the methods of healing those traumas vary even more widely.

I have notified the board Moderators of my suspicions about you, and shall let them deal with you hereafter.

#73187 - 06/05/05 07:59 PM Re: Gay men and sexual abuse
aleksander Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 05/27/05
Posts: 3
ShyBear – I am really sorry that my post bothered you so badly.

I wrote last night while I was angry and posted my reply to the topic without rereading it. The whole thread pushed some of my buttons, as my reply did push yours. I’m sorry!

I was abused by a family member from as early as I can remember. The abuse ended when I was 15 years old, when my parents successfully used the false allegation that I was the abuser to have me removed from my home. Not only did my abuser go unpunished, but I lost my home and gained the label of an abuser for myself.

ShyBear, you have made a valid point that I may be confusing 12-Step recovery with other recoveries, but that’s been where I have done most of my recovery work to date.

I am trying to find out if this can be a safe place for me and feel that my questions deserve answers, if anyone can see past my angry tone of voice in my first post.

#73189 - 06/07/05 04:46 AM Re: Gay men and sexual abuse
lostcowboy Offline

Registered: 11/10/04
Posts: 798
Loc: Rhode Island
Hello aleksander, I read both your messages, I liked your second message much better than the first, I think it was more honest. In your second message you wrote.
I am trying to find out if this can be a safe place for me
I am not sure why you are so worried about this. But to put it bluntly there is no place that will be absolutely safe, but I have been on this site since Nov of last year and I think it is safe.

About your first message, it did not seem to be a angry message, so much as a antagonistic message. Almost as if you were trying to get us to reject you, before we had time to get to know you. Something to think about, if you got us to reject you, you would not have to go through the pain of telling your story to us. Could you be trying to sabotage you own self-help?
About gray areas, I think we all know of gray areas. If you read some of Wifey1's messages about her husband I am sure you will think his case is a gray area. If you read some of my old messages you may think that they fall in a gray area, or you may think as I do that I went over the line at least once. This message is one that I feel falls into a gray area.;f=1;t=004662#000001 This is the message about where I think I went over the line.;f=1;t=004671#000001

Note, I consider myself straight, one of the reason I visit this forum, and read the messages here is to try to over come my fear of gay males. I recently found out that one of my old friends from high school is gay. Three years ago I found out that he was a sex offender, his crime was INDECENCY WITH A CHILD (3 COUNTS) & AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A CHILD, the child was 13 years old when this happened, my friend got 10 YRS ADJUDICATION PROBATION. In January the 10 years will be up and maybe he will show up here. Right now I don't know enough about what happened to determine if it would count as a gray area. He has been seeing a psychiatrist through the VA, I do know that he now thinks that he was wrong to do it. You can read more about it here.;f=1;t=004645

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend." - Albert Camus
Pretty much my life as I have posted so far. Triggers!

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