today - it was quite the eye opener

I had a super meeting with some gents yesterday -

and today - my father called me -

and sounded depressed and condescending

he made out - that my meeting with these gents -
after he received their email about me -

was - looking not so good -

then why - when I talked to them - were they so positive - in fact jubilant!

anyway - i had had a super lunch with a young priest from my church for my birthday -

and then also had a great chat with rich -

i got additional calls from the two gents I mentioned - and they were again VERY positive -

(these were meetings about potential work.)

SO -

my father painting a pitiful picture - and yet

also was loving ?

it's a mixed bag

He has a very competetive side -

but is also supporting -

he has not so much self control -

and so

It's true -

he offers compassion - and great knowledge

but his limitation is - to be positive

without personal competitiveness -

AHHH fathers!!!!

the therapy makers !

(is that like - menthos?)

anyway - I get it - and how to deal with him to

now - today - he's in a competitive way -

and so - I kind of made jests around his


he was having a hard day -

but he was not allowed to hoist that

on moi!

Just say NO to BS!


ciao ciao -


" not look outside yourself for the leader."
-wisdom of the hopi elders

"...the sign of a true leader is service..." - anonymous